Capacity Building of Members

This programme focuses on improving the capacity of ZNWL members so as to facilitate the participation and representation of women and girls in decision making at various levels. Members are critical to advocacy and lobbying and driving the ZNWL activities at local levels.

Women’s Participation and Representation

ZNWL seeks to improve the capacity of women in Zambia so that they are able to take up leadership positions in different political and socio-economic fields. Training Mentorship and capacity building are provided.

Men and Boys Network 

This programme seeks to engage men and boys as change agents for gender equality and the promotion of women and girls in decision making.

Girl Leadership Programme

This programme is aimed at reducing socio-cultural barriers faced by girls in order to enhance their ability to participate in leadership and decision making.

Lobbying and Advocacy

This programme is aimed at facilitating an enabling environment for women to participate in decision making through engaging government, policy makers and stakeholders to implement law, policies, treaties and conventions which promote the interests and welfare of women and girls.

Networks and Partnerships

ZNWL aims to build and establish regional and international networks and partnerships with the relevant stakeholders on women’s rights and their participation in decision making at local, national and international levels.

Research, Knowledge and Information Management

ZNWL through this programme generates issues, processes and conducts research on issues related to women and girls participation in decision making.

The programme also provides a knowledge and information exchange platform on women and girls representation and participation in decision making with key stakeholders.

Institutional Capacity Building

ZNWL perceives institutional capacity building as the vehicle for delivering quality services in all provincial centres, catchment areas and wider society.


The vision of ZNWL is A nation with women and girls fully present in leadership roles and actively involved in decision making processes.


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