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The persistent low levels of participation and representation of women in decision making processes in the country has continued to be at the centre of the organisations centre focus. Currently there are 18 women out of 158 members of parliament representing 11.2%. And at local Government Level there are 85 councilors in Zambia out of 1422 out of the total of 1422 wards. A representation of 6.1%. Furthermore, the level of women in Government and Private Institutions are no different from the picture portrayed in the electable positions. This is despite the country being party to regional and international treaties that stipulate equal representation of women and men in decision making positions.


It is for this reason that ZNWL will continue working hard, combining efforts with all stakeholders to ensure that the representation of women in decision making positions improve. This is because women have a right to equal participation in the governance of this country. This right is based on the premise that Zambia is a democratic country that should be governed under principles of equality, democracy and legitimacy. In addition, women have the right to participate in decision making processes because they are the majority of the Zambian population and voters. Women need to be part of the decision making in this country because they are the most affected by the sociol economic ills such as high poverty levels, high HIV/AIDS prevalence levels, high illiteracy levels, poor access to basic health facilities, etc.

Thus as an organization, ZNWL focuses on employing strategies to overcome the challenges women face to holding and accessing decision making positions. ZNWL envisions to see a nation where women and men have equal access to control and share of resources and have laid out laws that will compel everyone to be gender sensitive. We would like to see girls and women empowered and are contributing to the developmental and decision making processes of the nation.

The vision of ZNWL is A nation with women and girls fully present in leadership roles and actively involved in decision making processes.


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